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10/04Ironman_Training_Taper  - This article looks at how to taper correctly for the Ironman triathlon.


11/04 - Maximising_Olympic_Triathlon_Training - This article looks at ways to improve your performance in Olympic distance triathlon, with contributions from a number of high profile athletes and coaches.

12/04 - Altitude_Training - This article examines the effect of altitude training on performance. This was the thesis that I wrote for my university degree.

1/05 - Power_Cycling_Training - This article looks at the benefits of measuring power on the bike to determine optimal training intensities.

2/05 - Triathlon Nutrition - The experts at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) examine the nutritional/diet requirements of triathlon.

3/05 - Triathlon Psychology - This article looks at how mental training can improve your sports performance, with some specific triathlon examples.

4/05 - Cramping and Stitches - This articles examines the causes of cramps and stitches during exercise, and practical ways to prevent them.

5/05 - Triathlon Plyometrics - Plyometric training can significantly improve your triathlon performance. This article shows you how, and outlines some specific exercises for triathlon.

6/05 - Ironman Triathlon Training and Hyponatremia - Hyponatremia is a serious issue in the Ironman and athletes need to optimise their fluid and sodium intakes to prevent the condition.